Shantè Richardson Advocates Prison Reform With Women-Supported Platform, ‘The Prison Wives Society

Shantè Richardson is a remarkable individual who has not only founded The Prison Wives Society to provide support for women with incarcerated partners but is also deeply committed to addressing the issue of recidivism within the criminal justice system. She is very enthusiastic and excited to be a presenter at The 15th Annual International Prisoners’ Family Conference of 2023.

Through her platform, The Prison Wives Society, Shantè has created a space for women to find understanding, community, and empowerment as they navigate the challenges of having loved ones behind bars. However, her contributions go beyond just offering emotional support. Shantè’s dedication to fighting recidivism showcases her passion for creating meaningful change in the lives of those affected by the criminal justice system.

Recidivism refers to the tendency of individuals who have been previously incarcerated to re-offend and return to prison. It’s a complex issue with various contributing factors, including lack of support, limited access to opportunities, and systemic barriers. Shantè’s commitment to ending recidivism indicates her understanding of the broader problems within the criminal justice system and her desire to make a lasting impact.