About Us

Welcome to The Prison Wives Society, a beacon of hope and transformation founded by Shante Richardson. Our journey began in 2023, driven by Shante's unwavering commitment to bring change to lives touched by the criminal justice system. Shante's personal story, marked by the challenges she faced growing up amidst the turmoil of incarceration, serves as the foundation of our passionate mission.

From her earliest days in Harlem, New York, Shante experienced the harsh realities of the criminal justice system firsthand. Both her parents faced periods of incarceration, leaving an indelible mark on her childhood. Raised in the shadow of poverty and amidst the grip of her parents' addiction, Shante's resilience was forged through adversity. The unimaginable became reality when, due to her mother's crack addiction and father's incarceration, Shante and her eldest brother found refuge in the care of their paternal grandmother.

The year 2008 cast another heavy blow as Shante's brother received a sentence of 45 years to life in prison. This heart-wrenching moment ignited Shante's determination to break the cycle of recidivism, giving birth to The Prison Wives Society in 2023, even as her own husband navigated the challenges of incarceration.

Shante's profound insights into the complex web of reoffending led her to a powerful realization: the transformation of lives begins with those who stand beside the incarcerated. She passionately states, "If wives and partners are accustomed to an environment of limited opportunities, reduced self-worth, and diminished hope, how can it work? Our mission is to break these chains and illuminate the path of transformation from its core. We are the guiding light, for one becomes the company they keep."

At The Prison Wives Society, we recognize that a meaningful second chance starts with a positive mindset. We are dedicated to altering destinies, and we believe that meaningful change happens by empowering incarcerated individuals, their partners, and their families. Our unwavering commitment to this cause is demonstrated through a holistic approach, providing the tools and opportunities needed for a successful reentry into society.

Our offerings encompass a range of critical support, including comprehensive job training, sustainable job placements, transitional housing solutions, financial management guidance, and nurturing assistance for aspiring entrepreneurs. We understand that true rehabilitation requires addressing every facet of life, fostering growth, and nurturing ambition.

As you delve into our journey, we invite you to be a part of our story. Your support, whether through donations, volunteer efforts, or advocacy, is a powerful force for change. Together, we shatter the chains of limited possibility, replacing them with a tapestry of opportunities and renewed hope.